Disc Springs

Disc Springs ( spring washers ) designed for to resist strong forces in very low height working conditions. This very low spring length has an advantage of with less movement producing very big power.. Yayse Springs, performs , shot-peening process for Disc springs ( belleville springs, spring washers ) and scragging to eleminate blockage problem and enduracement of springs. Very slight spring deflections can be achieved by use of single springs. Using disc springs in series, spring deflection increases, without materially affecting the forces involved. They can be combined into groups of serial and parallel order in the same stack for special applications. Disc springs are manufactured from a special material chrom vanadium steel 50CrV4 ( DIN 2093 ) . And also can be manufactured from stainless steels X9CrNi18-8 (AISI 301), X4CrNiMo17-12-2(AISI 316). Yayse Springs, also can manufacture disc springs from required materials according to need of customers.