About Us

Yayse Spring Manufactuing Co. has been working on the principle of being the best in production quality and standard, since the day it was founded.


Our company was established in January, 2,1984 in 1. Industrial estate of Izmir by Selçuk Tuncer. Until 2002, Yayse continued working as a partnership business and in 2002, by leaving this partnership system, it has named as YAYSE Spring Industry and it is characterized as a family business. Yayse has been placing in Izmir, Pınarbasi production area since 1997. 
Yayse Spring Industry continues working with the principle of being the best not only in the capacity of production but also in the quality of production since its establishment. By taking the certificates of TSE and ISO 9000 in 2002, YAYSE started to exporting enterprises intensively and now it is making many exporting and importing activities with foreign countries like France and Azerbaijan.

With the computer aided spring production machines,Yayse produces the springs of compression, extention, torsion, form, battery, disc and flat forming for the industries of automative, electronic, defense, white good, textile and farming by using all opportunities of latest technology. In addition to these, Yayse makes the production of all types of springs according to the special needs of its customers.

Our Mission

By using all the knowledge, skill and opportunities that we have, to present high quality product and service at the right time with the most convenient prices , to focus on the highest level customer satisfaction and to obtain consistency of these all times is our principal mission. 

Our Vision

In the next 5 years, both in production and service, to cover all expectations of customers with our intelligence of quality and our highest technology and to place between the best companies, first in Turkey and then in the International market.


   With the cooperation and shared effort of our employees, according to the conditions of the competitive environment, to become the leader in production range and quality , to meet the expectations of quality level of our customers with the educated staff members at all time.


  • 100% customer sattisfaction
  • To be the leader in quality
  • Fast production
  • To work with a spirit of team
  • To support becoming different and creative
  • To educate employees continuously.


Şirket kurucumuz Selçuk Tuncer - 1984

Şirket kurucumuz 
Selçuk Tuncer - 1984